Technical Expertise

IT and Telecommunications We help our customers maintain systems that are vital to our everyday lives, from network infrastructure that forms the backbone of Australia’s telecommunications systems, to point of sale systems used to purchase groceries, to teller systems at the local bank. Our technicians have developed solutions to repair technologies as diverse as games consoles and elevator controllers.
Tailored Solutions We specialise in servicing equipment that others say can’t be repaired or can’t be repaired in Australia. When others say say parts are expensive, can’t be replaced or need to go offshore for repair, we’ll find solutions that deliver substantial savings and allow our clients to extend the life of assets and maximise the return on their capital investments.
End-to-end services We offer fully managed services including collection of faulty equipment from client sites, repairs, inventory management and redeployment. Through our partnership with Toll Priority we have national reach, including the ability to hold spare parts in strategic locations across Australia, which means we can supply replacement parts to get your systems back online with hours rather than days.
Software Integration Our in-house software engineering team can build solutions to integrate our systems with yours, providing you with full visibility of all items in our warehouse, daily inventory assessments and reports.
Staging, rollout and
installation services
Whether projects are large-scale involving 1000+ installations Australia-wide, or something more modest, we can help you deliver projects on time and on budget. Our experience ranges from nationwide roll-outs of branch teller equipment for a major bank to upgrading firmware and hardware for manufacturers in response to product recalls.
Decommision and
recycling services
We provide national collection and disposal services for e-waste with unmatched triple bottom line benefits. Old equipment can be returned to your leasing company; and computers can be sanitised then used in WorkVentures social programs or otherwise recycled. ITeC works with a partner organisation to dissemble and recycle e-waste while providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities.Whether you require repairs on a few items or you’re looking to outsource your entire repairs and spare parts operations, ITeC’s team of experts will work with you to find a solution.

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